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Welcome to the ZENRA Partners Page where we showcase some of the production companies we directly work with.

The studios listed below will always be updating. Please check this page often.

Last Updated: December 26th, 2018.

Uncensored Studios
Once upon a time, the only uncensored Japanese AV was released through channels mainly in the gray area, but things have changed in the last few years. The exact legal mechanisms needed to follow in order to make uncensored Japanese AV a reality will not be disclosed here as that is considered to be information both material and nonpublic, but not illegal. Uncensored studios generally focus on hardcore titles since the fan base is larger than maniac titles.


Whether you're a surfer or a webmaster, the name POMPIE may not ring a bell though you've probably seen their movies. ZENRA has been showcasing some from their collection since March of 2014. Their titles which frequently are made under collaborations with other uncensored studios such as DREAMROOM (below) generally veer towards the less-story, more sex aspect of adult video. What they mainly focus on is hiring big name Japanese AV stars to bare all without any mosaic. Visit AVEntertainments to see movies they have had a hand in making.


For the longest time 'Uncensored Japanese AV = DREAMROOM.' Even today, this still holds true for the most part. DREAMROOM is exceptionally forward-thinking as a Japanese AV studio with their unique approach to making adult video sans mosaic for audiences all over the world. They also have a massive live cam network. If you've ever encountered 'live Japanese girls web cams', it's almost certainly a brush with their network. DREAMROOM, like Pompie, mainly focuses on uncensored hardcore AV, but they have done a bit of experimentation as well with more ambitious joint-venture titles such as these two which was done with Pompie and directed by the famous Kaoru Adachi from V&R PLANNING (a censored Japanese AV studio nicknamed 'Violence and something-that rhymes-with-ape'.). DREAMROOM titles that are not joint venture will appear on ZENRA beginning in February of 2015. Visit their flagship site.


Like Guts (shown below), VIRTUAL WAVE is a Japanese AV production company that saw its heyday during the later part of the new millennium. Their output is similar to that of Pompie in that it was more hardcore-oriented with less focus on an extended story. That in itself is ho-hum for ZENRA, but what makes our acquisition of around 40 of their titles so special is that all have had their mosaic removed and will be presented totally uncensored beginning mid-2015. Fans of famous Japanese AV stars from a decade past will be pleased to see some of the names attached to these releases!

Censored Studios
The bulk of Japanese AV is produced with everyone's favorite post-processing element: mosaic censoring of the genitalia. The law and its questionable need in the 21st century can be debated elsewhere. For now, we will showcase some of the studios bound by the rules of the land that are featured on ZENRA. Again, we can help webmasters license movies from this studios where knowing Japanese and having an introduction is key.


When it comes to truly twisted Japanese AV, make a stop at COLLECTOR. Strongly inspired by the legacy of the infamous BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING, COLLECTOR has been in the business of producing extreme maniac AV for over a decade. Rather than pump out multiple titles a month, COLLECTOR is more of a boutique label that focuses all their efforts on just one. Their first claim to fame was public nudity—and not solely woman-naked-in-empty-field flicks, but full-on couples having sex in the middle of a crowded station. Now they have branched out under the COLLECTOR label to truly extreme movies with ZENRA only being able to showcase some of them beginning in late February of 2015 due to strict billing regulations regarding exceptionally extreme content. Group 'events' are the norm and you'll have to see it to believe it. What goes down is not for the weak and only those with strong stomachs should visit their homepage. Also, surfers wanting to purchase physical media from COLLECTOR should contact ZENRA support as we can offer a special deal with shipping included that includes actual items used during the production!


Our good friends at GOGOS made a golden introduction bringing us the ability to license out titles by DREAM TICKET, a gargantuan maker of Japanese AV. Titles by DREAM TICKET are incredibly varied: just like WAAP and RASH, they produce some notable gokkun movies which we will be showing! On top of that, they also have very sadistic titles with famous AV stars being the receivers and givers of some very audacious play. All this and more will be shown on ZENRA beginning in the fall of 2016.

FETIS is a boutique Japanese AV production company focusing mainly on extremely peculiar fetishes involving sniffing. Food—not regular eats, but the more traditionally Japanese kind such as natto also come into play. Being a new production company, FETIS only has several titles so far to its name, but most star a rarity in Japanese AV: big beautiful women. On top of running FETIS, their parent company also holds FETI-FEST, a fetish-themed festival held several times a year in a unique building known for being used in many AV productions. The president of FETIS describes FETI-FES as an erotic amusement park for those into all things kinky. The festival is open to all over 18 who are in the Tokyo area so if you are in town, please visit their website or contact ZENRA support for more information. FETIS titles will begin to appear on ZENRA in the late spring of 2015. Visit their homepage for more information.


At first it was hard even for us to figure out why this production company focusing on some extremely maniac genres had two different sites.  It turns out that the main difference between the two is nudity and explicit eroticism.  FETISH TOKYO features both in droves whereas FETISH JAPAN is more about fetishes that aren't explicitly sexual.  Both are, however, as bizarre as they come and we will begin our long-standing partnership with them by showcasing releases from their expansive maniac Japanese lesbian selection beginning late summer of 2015 before broadening our output the following year.


We knew about GOGOS for quite awhile, but it wasn't until our friend AV-VIKING.jp introduced us that we found ourselves preparing to showcase their movies at ZENRA.  The output of GOGOS can basically be broken down into hyper-realistic documentary movies mainly featuring unfaithful wives, first-time lesbians, and sometimes schoolgirls and office ladies along with 'sexual non-sexual' massage titles with half of those being CFNF lesbian ones.  Although we show unfaithful movies from GUTS, the ones by GOGOS are newer and MUCH longer.  The reason is the huge push for realism via ample conversations in the first parts of each release which require either native-level Japanese comprehension or accurate English subtitling.

Movies by GOGOS from their unfaithful wives, lesbian hot spring getaways, and CFNF massage collections will be shown on ZENRA starting in the fall of 2016.  Later on we will show even more from their increasingly growing library of work if we receive positive feedback.


Although not active anymore, GUTS is still known in fetish circles for their fantastic output of truly maniac titles mainly centered on femdom and CFNM. They were anything but a traditional AV maker and have included eyebrow-raising titles during their time as an active studio. ZENRA reached a licensing deal with the company that holds the rights to their titles and will be showcasing nearly all (approximately 200!) movies across various maniac and fetish genres beginning mid-January of 2015. Unlike the other studios listed in the Censored portion of the Partners page, we can provide a free referral for webmasters interested in licensing Guts titles.


HoloFilm is one of the largest producers of adult VR content in the west and not too long ago they stepped outside of their comfort zone by filming a couple of scenes in Japan.  We’re as surprised as anyone else as to how they pulled this off, but pull it off they did!  Experience HoloFilm’s Japanese VR content on ZENRA with our exclusive English Subtitles.

HOT ENTERTAINMENT and BULLITT together are one of the largest independent Japanese AV production companies and have been producing unique movies for over 25 years. After a 'fun' visit to their Shibuya office where we met their hardball CEO, we're pleased to announce that we have reached a licensing deal and will begin showing their releases on ZENRA in Spring of 2016. Our initial updates from their vast body of work will be titles focused on LESBIAN NANPA, HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG, and NEWHALF NANPA. What's more, all updates will be in HD and being dialog-heavy nanpa titles, our exclusive English subtitles are a given.


*100% Real Nakadashi
*No Condoms
*No Fakery!

The above 3 points are affixed to all MOBSTERS releases and believe it or not, it's the truth!  Unlike MANY other production companies, MOBSTERS truly sticks to their beliefs with titles that are pure skin-to-skin liquid-into-slit goodness.  In an environment where so-called 'moral' influences are pressuring studios to adhere to unrealistically 'safe' practices, it's nice to see Japanese companies going all-out again and again.  MOBSTERS titles will be shown on ZENRA starting in the fall of 2016.


Think voluptuous women and themes that are oftentimes otherworldly and you’ve got NoN. Short for ‘No Name’, this WAAP Group maker has been regularly turning out titles with slick production and oddball themes for some years. While somewhat overshadowed by its Group namesake, ZENRA intends to start featuring titles by NoN in 2019.


One of our goals at ZENRA is to showcase a wide variety of Japanese AV usually with a focus on more abnormal themes. However, one overarching genre we get tons of requests for and have not been able to adequately fulfill have been drama titles; movies with overarching storylines that even incorporate (gasp!) scripts. We’re pleased to announce with our partnership with ORGA that the wait for English-subtitled drama AV movies is over. Beginning April 2017 expect regular updates with drama titles covering such themes as: wives in debt, crime and vice, post-WW2 period pieces, cuckolding, and a lot more. ORGA may be a newer studio, but their output is insanely high quality and it’s all shot in beautiful Full HD.


If you asked any dedicated Japanese AV connoisseur to list the top five production companies that focus on producing bizarre movies and essentially nothing else, RADIX, POOL CLUB, or both, will be on that list. Together producing a staggering 10-12 titles A MONTH, when it comes to truly alternative and maniac Japanese adult video, these two studios owned by the same parent company (hence showcasing them together here on ZENRA) hold prime positions in the fiercely competitive bizarre adult video market. ZENRA will begin showcasing titles from both companies in May of 2015 and your minds WILL be blown. Visit RADIX and POOL CLUB to see samples of their work. Their parent company also produces an inexpensive device that allows you to see your own semen!

Have you heard of RASH? Unless you're a major fan of some very unique fetishes, the name may not ring a bell. Their sub-labels which are almost treated as individual entities are where some of the ears of Japanese AV aficionados may perk up: JUNK HOUSE, BIZARRE STYLE, and BIZARRE HOUSE. Adult video of a straight-forward nature is not what this incredibly long-running production company helmed by the famous RUSHER MIYOSHI is known for. Rather, their output consists of ample doses of gokkun, extreme femdom, and bodily excretions of an oral nature (the latter of these will not be shown on ZENRA due to strict western billing regulations). Movies produced by RASH will be showcased starting in June of 2015.

If there’s one maker known for its righteous devotion to all things maniac while keeping production values high, it’s none other than ROCKET.  You’ve probably seen their titles sprinkled across the web when searching for ‘weird Japanese porn’ and we’re pleased to announce ZENRA is the only non-Japanese-owned entity with legal rights to show their content.  Full HD updates direct from their master tapes will be a regular fixture here beginning January 2018.

The English translation of the name of this extremely unique, bizarre, and very long-running independent Japanese AV production company translates to 'A Meeting of Aesthetics'. It is incredibly difficult to even begin describing what Chiba Eizou, the director and pleasure provider in all TANBIKAI productions carries out. It's not exactly BDSM though certainly under the umbrella of all things S&M. Women are voluntary bound and intimately examined and teased with extra focus on nasal expansion by means of very unique devices. Hot wax and enemas along with the occasional use of a vibrator also are included and once in awhile, the enemas lead to even harder acts of fetish fantasy (which cannot be shown on Zenra due to strict billing regulations).

TANBIKAI titles will be shown on Zenra starting in May of 2015. Those wanting to purchase some of the 'harder' titles, can do so by visiting their site and contacting either ZENRA support or TANBIKAI directly at tanbikaiking@yahoo.co.jp (English OK!). Lastly, TANBIKAI holds regular S&M parties in the Tokyo area and all adults are welcome to take part. Please contact them directly for more information.

We discovered this club that has such a unique fetish that an appropriate adjective has not yet been created by being introduced to FETI-FES, Tokyo's most famous Japanese fetish subculture festival. There, along with other gatherings of those who prefer adult activities with an extra dose of individuality was a very popular booth run by promoters dressed from head to toe—literally!--in intricately designed fabric. They are the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB. Along with unique club performances, they produce videos as well. It's hard to call what they do when the cameras are rolling 'traditional' Japanese AV. It's definitely adult in theme, but...well, you'll see it during the second half of 2015.

Cosplay is a small, but active niche of Japanese AV we have barely scratched the surface of here at ZENRA. This will change beginning in the spring of 2016 via our partnership with TOSHIAKI, an indies production company whose titles are directed by ZeNrA (no relation), the same director of the incredibly popular Perverting the Paranormal series. TOSHIAKI can be considered Japanese AV by otakus for otakus and is an optimal way to experience the moe of Akihabara without all the epileptic flashes.

V&R PLANNING—short for ‘visual and retail’ for reasons best left unanswered—is one of Japan’s oldest AV production companies and they finally, FINALLY now have an outlet for their huge body of work with English subtitles. ZENRA will begin showing titles mainly from their V&R PRODUCE (formerly V&R PRODUCTS) sub-label in March of 2017. This former major 3-letter conglomerate-owned label has produced and still produces exactly the type of movies we receive tons of request emails for: sex education shows, medicinal sexual treatments at hospitals and schools, bizarre seminars, and even massively long (4 hours each!) lesbian dramas. All titles are encoded straight from the production-run HDV master tapes so even DVD-only releases will be shown in crystalline Full HD!

WAAP Entertainment
It was only a few years ago that ZENRA was an otherwise barren landscape when it came to titles featuring gokkun and bukkake.  The latter we still don't have too much of, but thanks to our VERY good friends at GOGOS for making a valuable introduction, we're pleased to announce our licensing deal with WAAP, a massively huge independent Japanese AV production company.  They are mostly known for what else—gokkun and bukkake—and we'll be showing titles from their super famous DREAM SHOWER series among others beginning in the fall of 2016.  Stay tuned for very famous AV stars being covered head to toe in everyone's famous sticky output along with a few anal surprises and much more on the way.


What a name for a very unique production company! Also known as HAISETSU, the Woman Excretion Family Group is a relatively new maker of Japanese AV that—as the name implies—mainly releases titles about one of the themes that are not possible to show on Zenra due to strict billing regulations. However, they also make other titles both in the farting and urination genres which will be featured on Zenra beginning in the spring of 2015. HAISETSU releases several new titles a month and are becoming more confident with even bolder and more unique releases. One such title is a contest-themed one about 'squirting' distances and will be featured here amongst the first batch of licensed works. Those interested in viewing their homepage and don't mind seeing content that is a bit more NSFW than normal can do so here. Also, surfers wanting to purchase physical media from HAISETSU should contact ZENRA support as we can offer a special deal with shipping included that includes actual items used during the production!


The absolute hardest femdom on the planet. We mean this with every (as of yet) unbroken bone in our bodies. All of the titles by YAPOO'S MARKET (WARNING EXTREMELY NSFW!!!) star large (sometimes nearly 20!) groups of dominant women destroying men who volunteer to be their slaves. Teasing is both highly verbal and physical and only rarely do productions end up with the men receiving sexual awards. If being a slave to beautiful yet cruel Japanese women is your fantasy, then the world of YAPOO'S MARKET will be yours to experience at ZENRA beginning late 2015!


The ZENRA Affiliate Program
We may not have a fancy affiliate frontend, but a ZENRA affiliate program does exist. Webmasters looking to promote our site should make their way to the contact form and submit a support request for more information.